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Phrases are very highly effective. In actual fact, vocabulary has a remarkably excessive correlation with IQ scores. We use phrases to speak our ideas and emotions. Internally, we use phrases to assume. For each causes – considering and speaking – having a robust vocabulary is efficacious, and enhancing our vocabulary is a worthy self-improvement purpose.

I am not writing a couple of new, extremely technical, or tough phrase although. I am writing a couple of phrase that the majority of us use on a regular basis. And I am writing to inform you all of us under-use or misuse it.

The Vacation Season

I’ve all the time discovered it fascinating to watch behaviors and take heed to conversations concerning the Christmas season. Should you take heed to buyers they will speak about lengthy strains and out of inventory objects. They will speak about impolite clerks and over-priced merchandise. They will speak about getting issues shipped on time, discovering the present for Uncle I-By no means-Know-What-To-Get-Him, stale fruitcakes, and nasty climate. They will speak about getting the wrapping and baking finished, and the playing cards mailed. They will anguish over whether or not the decorations on their home look okay. They will grieve over the present they purchased earlier than it was marked down 30%.

You have heard the tirades, the tales of woe. You will have even had them or instructed them your self. Someplace in that dialog you described somebody or one thing as “terrible”. Others within the dialog shook their heads in settlement.

The Christmas Season

Throughout the identical month as these complaints and frustrations one thing else occurs too. Folks smile extra. Individuals who not often discuss all 12 months, whether or not neighbors or folks whose places of work are reverse ends of the hallway cease, and even make a degree, to say “Merry Christmas”. We even want complete strangers “Joyful Holidays!” We take heed to an entire totally different set of CDs and cassettes, and for a few weeks it appears the #1 Track in America is “Pleasure to the World”, or “I will be Dwelling for Christmas”, and never the most recent hit from a band nobody will keep in mind in two years. Individuals are kinder on the freeways, making room for somebody of their lane. Individuals are extra giving and forgiving. Even within the midst of the hustle and bustle, the procuring and wrapping, folks nonetheless have the Christmas spirit.

After I consider these circumstances, of those optimistic adjustments in conduct, I’m actually crammed with awe – that we appear to mechanically transfer right into a psychological house of being extra form, mild and loving, just because we flip our calendars to December.

The Phrase

A few week in the past, I wrote down the phrase “terrible vs. awe-filled” on a chunk of paper and commenced ruminating on that as my thesis for an essay. I used to be going to speak about how a few extra letters may change a phrase – and our perspective an awesome deal.

I made a decision to examine my ebook of phrase origins, wanting up “terrible” and “awe” to see what I may study. I discovered nothing. So I went to the Dictionary, and here’s what I discovered:

Aw-ful adj. [see awe and full]

1. inspiring awe; extremely spectacular

2. inflicting worry; terrifying

3. dreadful; appalling

4. filled with awe; reverential 5 very unhealthy, ugly, disagreeable, and many others. [an awful joke] *

I’d guess that nobody studying this makes use of the phrase terrible with its primary definition. Definitions 2, Three and 5 – properly that is one other story. Then I noticed my Dictionary is outdated – with a 1988 copyright. Hmm? maybe the which means has modified, I believed. So I went to Dictionary.com, to get a more moderen definition, and here’s what I discovered:

Terrible adj.

1. Extraordinarily unhealthy or disagreeable; horrible: had an terrible day on the workplace.

2. Commanding awe: “this sea, whose gently terrible stirrings appear to talk of some hidden soul beneath” (Herman Melville).

3. Crammed with awe, particularly:

a. Crammed with or displaying nice reverence.

b. Out of date. Afraid.

4. Formidable in nature or extent: an terrible burden; an terrible danger.

The order of the definitions is totally different, however the message is identical. We’re shortchanging the phrase terrible! My earlier thesis about including a number of letters is out the window. Terrible and terrible, the identical phrase with two very totally different meanings.
Whereas terrible is not the one phrase that has conflicting meanings, it’s a highly effective instance exactly due to these meanings and the way totally different they’re. The phrases we use are highly effective. They outline our mind-set and our perspective. They assist us clarify the world round us.

Not Simply in December

I picked December to make my level as a result of whereas all of us need to get into the spirit of the season, some appear to get there faster and keep in that spirit longer. The individuals who succeed at “getting the spirit” are these essentially the most reverent about why we have fun and the fantastic issues that may occur throughout that point of 12 months. In different phrases, folks selecting to see the awe within the season.

Whereas I described an entire set of optimistic and unfavorable behaviors that happen in the course of the holidays, I may do it for any month and any scenario. I may level out what folks discover to be disagreeable – terrible – about that point or scenario, or I may describe what is very spectacular – terrible – about that scenario. So whereas I write this essay in December, the message needs to be clear all 12 months. We will make a alternative which definition of this phrase we need to use, and which definition we need to search for.

The Problem

I see individuals who appear to seek for issues to complain about; in search of issues to verify how terrible issues are. We discover what we search for. If I’m in search of “very unhealthy, disagreeable” issues round me, I’ll discover them. Nevertheless, if I’m in search of issues that “encourage awe”, I’ll discover these terrible issues as properly.

Which of these do I see in the course of the holidays? Which do I search the remainder of the 12 months? Recognizing that you’ve a alternative in what you search for, which can you be in search of tomorrow?

I want you an terrible Christmas, and an superior New Yr.


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