Valentine’s Day – What Is The logic

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Right this moment’s lovers and tomorrows foes. How a lot time does it take to show love into hatred? If the love was that of affection at first sight, then the hatred can even come inside that a lot quick time. Why does this occur? How does it occur that those that stay for one another, change into bitter foes? That’s as a lot a thriller because the love itself. To seek out out why the lovers flip into foes, we should first learn the way they turned lovers. That’s one other thriller. Why ought to two individuals fall in love?

Certainly, why ought to two individuals, who many a instances share only a few frequent issues fall in love? Is it seems to be? The manners? The intelligence? What attracts each to one another that many a instances lovers commit suicide if separated. It’s stated that human race is a logical race. All the pieces we do is ruled by logic. However is there any logic in love? One man could also be assembly many women throughout work, whereas socializing, however falls in love with one after few years. The identical applies to many ladies. What is that this? How does this occur? Ask a lover about why he/she fell in love with a specific particular person and you’ll get solutions that may additional confuse the enquiry.

Are we logical in any respect? Or are we completely ruled by coronary heart and take some steps that look completely illogical and plenty of instances idiotic? The reality is clear. A human being is manufactured from so many feelings that to try to analyze the persona is virtually unimaginable. If it was that straightforward, no battle would have taken place.

Coming to raised issues in life, why speak of negatives? Why not let constructive ideas make all of us really feel higher?

As I stated earlier, we human beings name ourselves logical, however many of the instances act in methods that may sound very illogical. Until we discover the answer to this puzzle, allow us to get pleasure from life.


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