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Our Products Your Resource for Armenian Products and More! Visit our online store and find the perfect gift or buy a present for yourself. we offer a wide variety of products like toys including Backgammon Boards, Games, educational & fun cds and dvds for children...armenian entertainment including Armenian music, Armenian Movies, Armenian CD and DVDs...Armenian food including Baklava, Shamali and Choreg...Armenian Instruments including Oud and Dumbeg,...Armenian Artwork including Evil Eye Ornaments, Armenian Pictures, Armenian Greeting Cards, Armenian Photographs, and other types of artwork...Books including Armenian Recipe Books, Learning Armenian Books, Armenian Children's Stories, and more...Jewelry including Stirling Silver Pendants, W/ZIRCONIUM , Stirling Silver Bracelets, Earrings and Evil Eye Jewelry, Armenian Crosses, Armenian Keychains...apparel such as T-shirts and other types of clothes...Home Decorations, Armenian Candles, Worry Beads, Ceramic Bowls and Plates, Woven Bags & Wallets, and more. You can conveniently buy online any time. Not only does our site offer a wide variety of products but it is a great source for Armenian news and information. Find out about our history, Fairs & Events and more. Play our jukebox and listen to the latest armenian music. The DVDs are available for purchase at our online store as well. We even have a live chat representative present at times to answer your questions or you can call or email us any time for a quick response! Company Overview We started our venture by participating in few local Armenian bazaars and set up tables with our jewelry and pictures of Armenia. A year later, we have sold literally hundreds of pictures and added to our stock of Armenian souvenirs to include all that you'll see on this website and more. Visiting Armenia is the best way to experience all that the country and its people have to offer. However, for those who dont have that opportunity currently, we wanted to provide the chance to bring Armenia to them via by showing you all that modern day Armenia & Armenians from around the world have to offer. "Paree Yegak Yev Hrametsek" (Welcome and come on in).
Our Armenian Gift Store,, - Our Armenian Products & Gifts
Our Armenian Gift Store,, offers Armenian Made Products and many Armenian Gift Ideas. We started our venture by participating in few local...
Hello/Parev! Just wanted to show you some more gift ideas for you and/or the special people in your life. These days its so much better to order online since most brick/mortar stores are closed and/or just simply for safety reasons! We ship anywhere in USA for free so please help spread the word for and help a local business stay afloat during these trying times. God bless you all and please stay safe and healthy!
With Easter right around the corner, and so many of our businesses shut down, while we sit at home, we just wanted to send you a quick note to let you all know that has all kinds of gift ideas for you to buy that you can send to anyone in the USA with free shipping from the comfort of your own home.

Some examples for gift ideas are:
1. Evil Eye Jewelry, Armenian Bracelets, Armenian Cross
Necklaces and Stands
2. Armenian Leather and Woven Bags
3. Ceramic Bowls
4. Pomegranate ornaments
5. Armenian Books of many varieties
6. Armenian Kitchenware
7. Armenian Gift Cards
8. Armenian CDs and DVDs
9. Neckties, Scarves, Shirts, Hats, for both Children and
10. Armenian Flags/Pins/Stickers/Towels/Patches

Delivery is free anywhere in USA.
Please help support a small business today. Your purchase helps the Artisans who made them, Gives you the convenience of shopping safely from home, and helps keep us afloat during these trying times.
Please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive so we an all get through this together. Thank you and God Bless you all!
Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you all know that has books you can buy to help you pass the time. The links below show both pages filled with different kinds of books for you and your family. Some examples are:
1. Learn Armenian
2. Cookbooks
3. Story Books for Children
4. Board Books for babies
5. Music Books
6. Mystery Books
7. Poetry Books
8. Books on Western Armenia/Eastern Turkey
9. Coloring Books
10. Books about the Armenian Church and so much more!
Delivery is free anywhere in USA.
So buy your books today!
From Lebanon with Love 🙂
Lockdown Effect
From Lebanon with Love 🙂
During this trying time, when all the businesses and schools are closed and we're all supposed to stay home with our families, small businesses will be scrambling to figure out how to survive and keep afloat. What I would recommend is, if you have a home based business, or you have a skill or service that can help others, lets post our businesses, ideas, and skills here for all to see so we may call on each other, rely on each other, and lean on each other to help us all get through this "quarantine period" however long it may last. May you all stay healthy and safe and may God be with us all.
For starters, as most of you already know, I'll post my two links below: - in case you want have any items or gifts delivered to anyone you know, anywhere within the USA. - in case you want to start planning a getaway to Cape Cod this summer with up to 10 of your closest friends and/or family. All our homes have in ground heated pools and so much more, and we have quite a few "popular weeks" still available between all 4 homes.

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