From Khachkars To Lavash: The Best Souvenirs From Armenia

From Khachkars To Lavash: The Best Souvenirs From Armenia

Souvenirs are objects purchased by a person, as a memento of travel. Souvenirs from Armenia are different and most appreciated because each item reflects the country’s history, culture, art, and artistic creativity. From Khachkars –  stone crosses beautifully crafted with religious meaning, to Lavash – traditional bread from the traditional food. Other Armenian-made products like Carpets, Jewelry, Paintings, and Dried Fruits all showcase the rich culture and heritage of Armenia. All these souvenirs are not just objects of the Armenian country, they are the heart, history, tradition, and culture of Armenian, which people take home as a keepsake.

List Of Some Souvenirs

Khachkars (cross-stones):

These are the complicated engraved stone slab, cross in the center, and detailed design and patterns around it. This traditional art form has been part of Armenian culture for more than a thousand years. They are found all over Armenia, especially near churches, cemeteries, and monasteries. Each Khachkar is unique and for a purpose like a memorial or marker of an event.

There are many reasons for considering Khachkars as a great souvenir from Armenia. It is a unique piece of art that showcases the craftsmanship of the stone cravers. Khachkars represent Armenia’s rich history and religious culture, which makes them a perfect memento. You can find a variety of Khachkars, from big sizes to small sizes, to suit everyone’s tastes. Khachkars have a long life and make them last remember of your visit to Armenia.


Traditional bread- It is soft, thin bread, made of flour, water, and salt. A special oven “tonir” is used to bake this bread. Lavash is not just a bread, it is an important part of Armenian culture and part of daily life. This is a traditional bread baked in festivals and ceremonies. Lavash bread is enjoyed with many meals.

Lavash is a unique souvenir, feel like you are bringing the taste of Armenia. It is one of the handmade Kitchen Items that can be used in many ways like wrap, sandwich, or as the base of pizza. In a dried form, it has a long shelf-life and is easy to transport and store. You can gift lavash bread to food lovers. 

Best Souvenirs From Armenia

Armenian Brandy:

It is a premium, distilled alcohol drink, made from grapes.  It is very famous for its rich and smooth taste. It is aged for many years in oak barrels, to get a rich and refined flavor. Armenian Brandy is known for its high quality and rich flavor, making it a premium and impressive gift. Very often packaging is very elegant making it more luxurious. Brandy is loved for its rich history, amazing quality, and special feeling that brings it as a gift.

Armenian Carpets And Rugs

Armenian carpets and rugs are very famous for their beautiful, complex, and detailed designs. They are crafted by talented craftsmen and are great souvenirs. Mainly the designs include traditional patterns, symbols, or famous folklore that have been used for many years. Often famous motifs are also included in designs like geometric shapes, animals, flowers, and plants. Armenians use colors in carpets which are very vibrant and eye catchy to make them attractive.

Carpets and rugs are hand-woven, which means every carpet needs lots of patience and skill. This making process takes months or sometimes years to complete, depending on its design and complexity. Premium quality wool, silk, or cotton is used to make thousands of tiny knots, which makes it long-lasting and durable. Their craftsmanship and beautiful design make them a perfect souvenir. You can purchase these souvenirs from Armenia easily from any handmade gift store.

Armenian Jewelry

Armenian jewelry is designed with complex patterns and symbols that, have a very important significance in Armenian culture and tradition. Geometric shapes, crosses, leaves, and flowers are the common designs. Gemstones are also added to make them sparkle and attractive. Artists make each piece by hand and carefully.

In Armenia Jewelry is not just an accessory there is a lot more than that. The jewelry designs have symbolic meanings like protection, faith, religion, and heritage. These are worn on a special occasion like weddings, birthdays, or baptisms. They are made of gold and silver. Sometimes, other metals and precious stones are also added to the jewelry to make it more elegant. These traditional jewelry are good souvenirs from Armenia, for carrying tradition and culture. People gift them to show their respect and love. Apart from the local market, you can purchase Armenian jewelry online from various online stores.

Armenian Spices And Herbs: 

Armenian spices are very famous for their unique flavor and aroma. They are used in cooking and also give a great aroma to your house. Some famous examples of Spices and herbs are mints, Coriander, Dill, sumac, and paprika. They make great souvenirs, as they can be packed easily and bring the unique flavor and aroma of Armenia. You can find them in local markets and often packed in attractive jars.

Armenian Dolls

These are handmade traditional dolls. These souvenirs from Armenia are generally made from wood, cloth, and wool. These dolls are dressed in attractive Armenian traditional outfits. These dolls are decorated with beautiful patterns and vibrant colors that show Armenian culture.

They can be great souvenirs because, easy to remember Armenian culture and history, each doll represents Armenian historical events and folklore. Every doll represents the traditional Armenian art and skills that are passed from generation to generation.


It is a traditional woodwind musical instrument. It looks like a small wooden flute, made from apricot wood. It has a very soft and warm sound perfect for slow and soulful music. It has some holes for fingers and a big reed. It’s been a strong part of Armenian culture and music. And has been used in many traditional songs and dances. Buying Duduk as a souvenir means bringing a part of Armenia’s culture and history.


It is a sweet pastry, made with flour, sugar, and butter. Sometimes nuts are also used to add flavor. Gata has a sweet, rich, golden, crust filling. It is often made on special occasions, family gatherings, and celebrations.  Armenia Gata symbolized hospitality and warmth. It is a perfect souvenir, as it can stay fresh for a long time.

Traditional Armenian Clothing- Taraz:

It is the national dress of Armenia. It is a traditional dress for men and women worn on special occasions like weddings, festivals, and cultural events. It is colorful, with a complex design, and shows the rich Armenian culture. It is made of silk, cotton, and wool with complex patterns and embroidery. Taraz is often paired with accessories like belts, hats, jewelry, or scarves. These souvenirs from Armenia have a long history, have been used for years, and are deeply rooted in Armenian culture. 


Armenia souvenirs are unique and deeply connected to the roots of Armenia’s culture and heritage. These souvenirs not only remind you of your memorial trip to Armenian but also support artists and help preserve traditional art. By purchasing these unique items, visitors can carry a piece of Armenian’s history and culture, making their travel experience more memorable and meaningful. You can buy these souvenirs from any local market or any Armenian store online.


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