Discover Armenia: Shop And Learn With Armenian Products

Discover Armenia: Shop And Learn With Armenian Products

Armenians have a long history of craftsmanship, from complex jewelry to handmade clothes, flavored cuisine, and rich wine. These products are complex; they represent the country’s rich culture and history. Supporting local artists means investing in the community and helping them to keep the art alive.  This blog has listed a few Armenian products that represent the country’s history, the artists behind them, and places where these products can be readily available.  We aim to connect you to Armenian-made products and their artists and support their work. 

Traditional Armenian Art

Armenian handicrafts perfectly reflect the country’s rich culture. These handicrafts include handmade things like carpets, clothes, dolls, jewelry, woodwork, and more. Each piece is made with care and skill, passed from generation to generation.

They have a long history and are influenced by many other cultures, as Armenian is between Europe and Asia. These handmade items have profound significance in Armenian culture and artistic beauty. They have become a part of people’s daily lives and are common during cultural ceremonies. Over time, these handicrafts have become the symbols of the country’s identity and pride. You can order any Armenian products from any traditional Armenian gift shop.

Armenian Pottery And Ceramics   

Armenian Pottery has a long and exciting history. Early Armenian’s used clay to make everyday items like pots, bowls, and jars. Over time, Armenian pottery has been developed and affected by various cultures. Despite many challenges, like war and invasion, the country has kept the pottery skill alive and passed it from generation to generation.

Ceramic Handpainted Bowl Intricate Yellow

Armenian pottery has many techniques and styles: 

  • Handbuilding- use your hand to shape the clay
  • Wheel throwing – use a wheel to shape the clay
  • Glazing-pottery is coated with glaze
  • Decoration-pottery is decorated with complex designs.
  • Kiln firing- a special oven to harden the clay and set the glaze.

Armenian Textiles And Carpets

Armenian weaving is a traditional art that has been practiced for a long time. It involves creating beautiful clothes and carpets using different techniques and materials. The whole process starts with preparing wool and silk yarn. The yarn is colored with natural colors extracted from plants and animals. Weavers then use big machines called looms to weave the yarn by creating complex designs and patterns. Handmade woven textiles are not just products; the art forms showcase artists’ skills and creativity. 

Drink Coaster Set 2 Armenian Rug

Armenian carpets are known for their rich symbolism and meaning. The design primarily includes motifs that have deep cultural and spiritual meanings. Crosses and religious symbols, geometric patterns, natural motifs, and historical and cultural symbols are widespread designs on carpets. Even the color used in the rug also has a meaning. 

To purchase Armenian carpets, you can visit many famous markets or handlooms. Even some reputed retailers have online provisions. But before proceeding online, read the product description and review of the shop. 

Armenian Jewelry 

Armenia jewelry is famous for its complex and symbolic designs. Traditional jewelry includes a motif that shows Armenia’s rich cultural heritage. 

Perfect Evil Eye Jewelry

Crosses are a typical design that shows Armenian Christian history. They were often worn as pendants.

Flower And Natural Motifs—Flowers, leaves, and other natural things are commonly used to symbolize beauty and life.

Geometric Patterns- stars, circles, squares, and triangles- represent unity and infinity.

Historical Symbols-  these designs include ancient Armenian symbols and connect modern jewelry and the past.

Jewelry is made from various materials, such as gold, sleeves, and gemstones. Techniques like filigree, enamelwork, and stone setting are standard.

You can find this jewelry from various recognized Armenian & European gift shops.

Armenian Woodwork   

Armenian woodcarving is a traditional art that includes beautiful and complex designs on the wood. This art has been crafted for a long time and is an integral part of Armenian culture and heritage. Artists use various tools to carve designs and symbols into the wood. Woodwork pieces range from small knives to big furniture. Armenian woodwork uses different types of wood, such as walnut, oak, beech, pine, or apricot. Each wood has its characteristics and can be used based on its finishing and durability.

Armenian Cuisine Products

Armenian cuisine shows the country’s rich culture and the influence of various cultures. It is famous for its flavors and techniques from ancient times. Armenian food uses fresh vegetables, bold spices, and other seasonal ingredients. From flavored meat to vegetables to aromatic herbs, Armenian cuisine offers many attractive cooking experiences that enjoy ancient tradition and community.

There are many traditional food products that you must try, like 

Lavash– a flatbread

Baklavas- a sweet pastry

Kufta- small balls made from wheat, onion, and spices. 

Dolma- grapes leaves mixed with rice, herbs, and sometimes meat.

Explore these traditional Armenian foods, or you can gift these dishes to any of your friends. All are readily available at any local shop.

Online Shopping Guide

There are many stores from where you can purchase these products. These stores also sell products online. Here are  some tips for purchasing Armenian products online:

  • Always check the reviews and ratings of the online store to ensure the delivery of quality products.
  • Original products generally include a detailed description, origin, materials used, and the name of the artist who crafted them.
  • Many traditional and antique products come with authentic certification. Jewelry and other high-value products always come with certification. You must purchase these products to obtain this certification. There are some unique Armenian jewelry online stores
  • If you have any questions related to the products, don’t hesitate to ask the seller. Any genuine seller will always be happy to answer them. 
  • You should compare the prices across different sellers, as authentic products are always expensive because they involve craftsmanship. 
  • Always check the shipping price of the products, as sometimes the shipping price is much higher than the purchase price because of international delivery. 
  • For international orders, you must be aware of customs rules and charges. 
  • Ensure that sellers use good packaging, especially for fragile Armenian products. 
  • Always select the seller who provides the tracking options. It will help monitor the products, shipment, and expected delivery date. 

Supporting Armenian Artists

When you purchase Armenian Products, it makes a significant positive impact on the artist community. 

Economic support: Your purchase helps artists earn money, support their families, and contribute to the local economy. You can purchase 

Cultural Support:  It helps preserve the ancient country’s skills and traditions. 

Empowerment: Supporting Armenian artists will help them continue their work and pass this skill from generation to generation. Eventually, your support will keep Armenian culture alive.


Armenian products are not just about delicious food or beautiful art; they are about the country’s rich cultural heritage and local artists. By exploring these products, you are not just supporting Armenian culture but also supporting local artistic communities and preserving old traditions. Many handmade gift stores provide all these products. 

Let’s start supporting each other by building a bridge between cultures. Together, we can preserve and promote Armenians’ rich cultural heritage.


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