Exploring The Rich History Of Evil Eye Jewelry In Armenian Folklore

Exploring The Rich History Of Evil Eye Jewelry In Armenian Folklore

Are you very much concerned about your loved ones and want to provide a layer of protection?  Then you should select and gift Evil Eye jewelry- a symbol of protection. Wearing it, keep off all the “evil forces” or “bad luck” or “Nazar” and attract positive energies or good luck. For around 5000 years, people worldwide have believed in “evil eye” or “Nazar” but it has different meanings in every religion from Christianity to Buddhism to Hinduism and Islam. Evil Eye symbol is available in bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and many other forms of jewelry in all the European gift shops.  Let’s explore the history and understand how the Nazar amulet impacts people and culture today. 

About Evil Eye

Evil eye means a “harmful look” or “bad feeling” that can bring bad luck to someone. The perception of the evil eye, its causes, its effects, and its protective procedures all, are different from culture to culture. A person with extraordinary beauty, success, and wealth is more likely to encounter, this “Nazar” or “bad look”. Jealous people pass this “Nazar” or “bad gaze” or “evil eye”  consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes this “Nazar” is also called cures. To stay away from this curse or “Nazar” people use amulets.

From ancient times people have worn amulets (Evil Eye symbol) to protect themselves from this “evil eye”, “Nazar”. Across Armenia and many other regions, this special symbol has been used for generations and passes the legacy (stories and traditions). Apart from the part of cultural heritage, nowadays this Evil Eye symbol has become a popular fashion statement. The Evil Eye symbol is believed to reflect all the negative energies and protect the person from harmful effects. You can find these symbols and other traditional handmade products from any online gift store USA

Place Of Evil Eye In Armenian Folklore

Armenia has a rich culture, history, and tradition. Like other folklore, the folklore of Armenian is also a series of legends, rituals, myths, and beliefs passing from generation to generation. It includes spirituality, nature, and details about the Armenian people – their celebrations, festivals, religions, values, and fears. And between all this rich folklore, the Evil Eye symbol holds a special place.

Armenians have been using the Evil Eye symbol to protect themselves from “evil eyes” or “bad looks”. This Evil Eye is present in Armenians’ everyday activities from birth to marriage to death, from their building house to farming. There are many stories related to the Evil Eye symbol importance. These stories are not just for fun but to teach people about the Evil Eye protection. Regardless of modernization, the place or belief of the Evil Eye remains the same in Armenian life. 

 History Of Evil Eye Jewelry

The history of the Evil Eye symbol, is not clear, as no proper documentation is available. Some traces of its origin may be located on the Hamsa hand– the famous symbol of protection and power.  Evil Eye’s history started long before the Bronze Age, in many civilizations like Greek, Egypt, Roman, and Italian. As time passed, the Evil Eye symbol evolved but was always attached to harmful looks and jealousy. In Armenia, Evil Eye’s history is associated with its rich culture and heritage. Now the belief in the Evil Eye is continuously growing among Armenians, which is helping the world in making the perception.

The Historical Significance Of The Evil Eye Symbol In Armenia Culture

In Armenian culture, the Evil Eye symbol has a unique design, with an eye in the center and vibrant colors (blue, red, green, or, many others) around it. This symbol is always applied as a talisman and has been embedded in various talismans worn on the wrist, ear, or neck as jewelry. Many colors and varieties, of materials have been used to craft Evil Eye, each with a specific significance. You can get all these variations in many traditional Armenian gifts. 

Perfect Evil Eye Jewelry

A Few Color Meanings Of Evil Eye

Blue Evil Eye: Blue color is widely used and is very famous. As the color shows, it gives peace to the person through the power of the sky and sea. It is very effective, in removing negative energy, jealousy, and bad feelings about the person.

Green Evil Eye: It is connected to growth, fruitful, prosperity, and fertility. A person wearing green Evil Eye will receive good luck.

Red Evil Eye: it is connected to vibrant energy, strength, and activeness. People wear the red color Evil Eye, symbolizing bravery, good luck, and positivity. It not only protects but fights against bad intentions or energies.

Yellow Evil Eye: It is connected with happiness, joy, laughter, positivity, and optimism. It removes sadness, and bad thoughts and attracts happiness, and good luck to the people.

Black Evil Eye: This works in two ways- First it attracts negative energy and second it protects from negative energy.

Many other, colors are also available like Orange, Pink, Purple, Brown, or Rainbow, each with its, specific meaning.

A Few Material Meanings Of Evil Eye

Glass: It is connected with purity and clarity. Evil Eye crafted from glass material, mostly uses blue and white color shades and provides clarity, in the thoughts of the person and removes negativity.

Metals: Gold, Silver, Brass, or other metals are used to design Evil Eye. Fine wires of metals, or engraving technique, are used in Armenia for metalwork, to provide rich texture.

Gemstone: Gemstones in the Evil Eye has enhanced the power of reflecting negative energy. Gemstones are used based on their color.

Progress Of Evil Eye In The Modern Era

The evil eye symbol has a deep and widely spread history in many cultures. It is famous for reflecting negative energies and attracting positive energies. Over time Evil Eye has also evolved in different cultures and traditions. In the modern period, Evil Eye jewelry has increased in popularity because of its protective nature and as a fashion jewelry.

Its meaning remains the same from the ancient to the modern periods, reflecting the negative energy but its popularity has increased. People wear these Evil Eye jewelry, for protection, good luck and to feel more confident. With the leverage of the internet and social media, the popularity of Evil Eye enhanced.

In addition to its popularity, there is an evolution in the Evil Eye jewelry designs. From ancient designs to modern styles and designs. Now versatility is available in designs and materials used to craft Evil Eye. There is something for everyone. There are many Armenian online gifting stores available in the market. 


A rich history of the Evil Eye in Armenian Folklore has exposed not only its ancient belief, culture, and tradition but also its myths and stories from generation to generation. From ancient to modern days Evil Eye is protecting against negative energies. Now Evil Eye is not just protection, it is a fashion statement jewelry for building confidence. Many traditional gift shops in Armenian preserve the heritage of these talismans and embrace the modern significance, for future generations.


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